Flir Systems Consent Agreement

[i] consent. United States Department of State, Bureau of Political-Military Affairs. Access on April 30. Finally, in 2011, FLIR uncovered offences related to the non-reporting of payments of political contributions, commissions and commissions in accordance with Part 130 of ITAR. However, in 2016, FLIR did not report on the payment of political contributions, fees and commissions for 19 technical assistance agreements for the maintenance or installation of FLIR thermal imaging systems. The DDTC found that FLIR had not implemented the corrective measures promised in 2011 and the reports covered $8,000,000 of the actual fees or commissions paid by FLIR. Tags: FLIR systemsITAR compliancestrade compliance In 2011, FLIR told the DTCC that it had failed to report payments of political contributions, commissions and commissions in accordance with Part 130 of Chapter 22 of the CFR. Five years later, FLIR indicated that it had not provided the necessary notifications regarding 19 technical assistance agreements and $8 million in commissions for 10 of the 19 agreements. [1] US$15,000,000 may be suspended provided FLIR applies this amount to remedial measures to comply with the rules; DDTC may also suspend up to $5,000,000 for measures to address compliance measures prior to approval. During this investigation, FLIR provided 14 separate optional information to the DTCC.

Between 2008 and 2012, FLIR provided four voluntary data on the unauthorized export of technical data and defence articles; and the illegal provision of defence services for the design, manufacture and sale of thermal imaging camera systems to nationals and staff in 15 countries that were banned at the time. Flir was also unable to find a corporate reorganization in new licenses and existing licenses and agreements. As a result, FLIR exported defence items and provided defence services in licenses and agreements that do not reflect the role of the new subsidiary in the event of a violation of ITAR.