Apakah Yang Termuat Dalam Civil Affairs Agreement

2 GRAPHIC TRANSFER OF POWER CIVIL AFFAIRS GRANTED UNITED STATES NETHERLANDS UNITED KINGDOM AFNEI NICA CIVIL AFFAIRS AGREEMENT AUGUST 24, 1945 The commander of the British occupation army in Indonesia will occupy power on behalf of the Dutch government. When implementing civil government issues, implementation was organized by the NICA under British responsibility. Power was then returned to the Kingdom of the Netherlands. Australian troops arrived in most cities in eastern Indonesia with NICA (Netherlands Indies Civil Administration) units. At that time, there were not many well-organized armed forces in eastern Indonesia. As a result, the Australian Army had relatively little difficulty in implementing its initial plan to prepare for the Dutch takeover. Mountbatten estimated that it would take 6 divisions to accomplish these tasks, but the British were only able to prepare 3 divisions, even late, so it could be said that all Japanese soldiers had been disarmed by the Republic of Indonesia, which then controlled the arsenal of the Japanese army, as happened at Surabaya. The British were responsible not only for the reoccupation of Sumatra, but also for all of Indonesia, so it included areas that once sought refuge under the Southwest Pacific Command (SWPAC). But in practice, the British were freed from the responsibility of reoccupying areas outside Java and Sumatra because outside the two islands, the Australian army took care of them. After Japan declared itself to the Allies on August 15, 1945, the Dutch, who still felt masters in their former colonies, prepared to return to the Indiƫ Nederlands as sovereigns. Indeed, the Netherlands had lost its right to Dutch-Indian territory because, on 9 March 1942, in Kalijati, near Subang, after being beaten for a week by the Japanese army, the Dutch Government, represented by the Commander-in-Chief of the Dutch Army, Lieutenant General Hein ter Poorten, had signed a document of unconditional surrender to the Dai Nippon Army led by Lieutenant General HitoChi Imamura. Commander of the 16th Army.. .