Light Regional Council Enterprise Agreement

If your application has been submitted in advance, you can check the status of your agreement by sending an email to the Commission`s contract team under The list of applications includes the case number, the name of the applicant, the title of the agreement, the sector, the date of filing of the application, the approval or amendment of an agreement and the status of the application. For current requests, the agreement or modification can be consulted via the following links. These edited documents are usually published within 3 working days of publication. Please indicate your name, matter number and the name of the agreement. A team member should contact them within 2 business days. Once an application has been approved or rejected, it is no longer listed below. To find an agreement that has been approved or modified, please find an agreement. This online contractor induction is provided as a general guide and helps you set a standard for safe work and minimize risks. All contractors/suppliers must ensure that compliance with whs legislation is respected by their own management systems. The status column contains information on the progress of the application as follows: Municipal Officers (South Australia) and Nurses (SA) Enterprise Agreement (PDF, 1MB) The Commission acknowledges our duty of care to all persons in our workplaces, including contractors, subcontractors, volunteers, workers, visitors and the general public. The Council is obliged to ensure that people and the natural environment are not exposed to danger or damage and that safe employment is guaranteed as far as possible as far as possible. .

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